Whether you are looking to streamline your business through automation or upgrade legacy applications to a modern platform, Winsor Consulting's expert developers are here to help. Our development team will work directly with key stakeholders throughout the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC ) to deliver a highly performing, user-friendly solution.

Full Stack Development

Web Applications

Service Based APIs

Database Migrations/Conversions

Business Process Automation

Legacy Application Upgrades

Development Solutions That Fit Your Business

Our expert development staff is here to help you save time and money with intelligent, user-friendly, and efficient custom development solutions.

Business Process Automation

Winsor Consulting can transform your business turning those trivial processes into automated, application-driven workflows. We will help you improve efficiency, transparency, compliance, and consistency across your organization.

Upgrades, Conversions, and Migrations

Winsor Consulting will help you replace legacy systems with modern, efficient applications. We will help you upgrdade, convert, or migrate your existing apps to maximize performance and minimize support and maintenance costs.

Deployment and Support

  • Not only will we manage the deployment and integration, but we will continue support throughout the entire lifetime of the application.
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Development Best Practices

  • Our development team uses the latest in development best practices during all phases of the SDLC to provide a lean and agile experience for our clients. We address issues, questions, and bug fixes immediately so you can rest easy knowing you've got a development partner you can rely on.
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Continuous Integration

  • As your business changes so do your technology needs. We will work with you to enhance your software as needed to ensure that your applications are growing with your business.
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